Monday, January 31, 2011

January comes to an end...

Dear family,

Well this past week went by pretty fast. We started off the week fixing up our bikes a little bit. We had our crooked wheels straightened out, then we adjusted and fixed our brakes. The bikes still need quite a bit of work, but at least they are working a little bit better now.

The other day we had an awesome experience with Carlos. We had originally planned an appointment with him on Thursday, but we felt like we should pass by him on Tuesday as well to see how he was doing. We arrived and he was playing video games with a friend. We taught the both of them the Restoration and it was amazing. Carlos taught as if he were already a member. He explained prophets a bit, he testified of Joseph Smith, and explained the answers he had recieved through the Holy Ghost. After the lesson and as we were leaving Carlos told us that he had been wanting to talk to his friend about the church, but didn´t know how to bring it up, then we showed up. Things are going really well with Carlos though. He played basketball and volleyball with us today. He went to a fireside and heard President Laycock speak here in the branch. His mom came to church on Sunday. Everything is great right now.

Now for the bad new. It turns out that Gloria is not married to Andres, the man she lives with. We are going to have to explain the Law of Chastity to her this week. We are a little nervous because we don´t want her to get discouraged. Please pray for them this week so that they can keep progressing.

The fireside with President Laycock was really nice yesterday. We did it at the house of the Familia Barrales. The house is like a paradise or something. Hills, swimming pool, grass, tennis court, chickens, and peacocks, and lots of big trees surrounding it. About forty five people or so showed up. Some recent convert families, investigators, and less actives showed up as well. Every one seemed to really enjoy it.

I love you all very much and thank you for your emails. You really are the best!


Elder Mooney

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