Tuesday, June 29, 2010

rollin' rollin' rollin'

Dear friends and family,

It`s so good to hear that things are great at home, especially to hear that my little sister had her ApPeNdIx ReMoVeD?! How random! But then she got her license and that makes up for it I guess. It`s crazy to think how things are changing so much at home, but I`m just doing the the same thing everyday. Sharing the Gospel.

First off, I would like to thank my amazing sister Melissa for her package she sent me! Really, it was amazing. Thank you so much Melissa for la bufanda (scarf) that you made. It is absolutely perfect. A couple of weeks ago Elder Laney and I were talking about how in AZ scarfs seem a little fruity, but here in Chile I think they are the best thing in the world. But really I have been using the scarf all day everyday and it goes well with both of my suits. Thank you so much. Oh and it smells really good too. The graham crackers blew up a little bit in the journey and the scarf soaked up the smell. It`s cool.

This week nothing new has really happened. We haven`t found anyone new to really teach. The drunks have been everywhere like usual. One good thing that did happen was that Bryan (recent convert), his grandma, and his sister Darinka all went to church on Sunday. Darinka should be getting baptized in two weeks. Let`s hope for the best. Abraham and Carolina are progressing well, but them and 20 other people didn`t go to church on Sunday because it was freezing in the morning. Ìt`s just getting colder and colder here. It`s below 0 degrees C everyday now. It`s just horrible because the temperature outdoors is almost the same as it is indoors. We can see our breath as we teach all of our lessons.

This week I have been really focusing more on the importance of a pure powerful testimony....
"And this he did that he himself might go forth among his people, or among the people of Nephi, that he might preach the word of God unto them, to stir them up in rememberance of their duty, and that he might pull down, by the word of God, all the pride and craftiness and all the contentions which were among his people, seeing no way that he might reclaim them save it were in bearing down in pure testimony against them." Alma 4:19
With that in mind we were teaching Rodrigo, one of our recent converts, how he can be a missionary right now by sharing his testimony with others. He told us that he had no idea of how to share his testimony? So we taught him and invited him to share his testimony with us, but he would not do it. After a few minutes he explained to us that he did not want to share his testimony because he was not really sure of anything. We shared our testimonies with him and explained that the best way to help your testimony to grow is by sharing it. He understood and agreed to start working on it until our next visit.

Another investigator this week astonished us with how powerful his testimony has become. He says that he knows that the Holy Ghost answers questions in the heart and the mind because he has been receiving answers. He said that the scripture, "by their fruits ye shall know them (Mathew 7)" has had a huge impact on him. It has dawned on him that we do not teach the beliefs of our own church, we do not teach what we want or what our church leaders want, we teach what God wants. His testimony, the testimony of an investigator, has strengthened mine this week. (Now all we have to do his convince him to get married...?)
I love you all so much. I know that this gospel is true. I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us and that he guides his church today. You are all incredible. Thank you for all your love and support.

Elder Matthew D. Mooney

Rough week

Dear Loved Ones,
First things first: HAPPY FATHER´S DAY DAD?!!? Wow, I missed you on Sunday, especially when all the Young Women passed out cards to their dads and the primary gave them all bookmarks. It made me think of you. I also was reading the second talk in the General Conference Liahona about Priesthood Power and it made me so grateful to have a dad who honors and exercises his Priesthood. Thank you Dad for everything you´ve done for me and everything you´re doing now. Keep up the great work you cool guy you ;)

Elder Matt Mooney
Now unfortunately we have experienced many trials this week... Fights in the ward that have resulted in the releasing of the Young Men and Young Women presidents. Fights between couples that have prevented progression in the gospel. Laziness that prevented an entire family from going to church. Coldness that has developed into people sleeping in later and going to bed earlier. Winter has officially started and I officially have a cold. The list really does go on and on...

BUT we´ve got to be of good cheer so it´s all good. No worries. Today was a great day. We decided to go to the Mall close by because it has a bigger grocery store, they have office supplies, and they´ve got a food court. What we weren´t anticipating was the giant mob of thousands and thousands of people in the food court. Today Chile one another game in El Mundial de Fútbol, or the Soccer World Cup. It´s been going on for the last week or two. People are going nuts here. There are three games going on everyday and people are screaming throughout all of them. My companion has been suffering because Argentina has been playing well. The United States are in it as well, but nobody cares back home do they? I found it funny how it´s the biggest deal in the world here, but at home it´s nothing huge. But literally thousands of people were watching the game in the food court and when it ended everyone broke out in singing and dancing. All of the schools are showing the games here as well. It´s crazy.

When everyone left we entered and ate Taco Bell. It was really good. We then bought 2 weeks worth of groceries and carried them on the bus and the subway. Then we slept for an hour and a half. Good times.

This week I also got to know ELDER STOLLER and ELDER TILLEY. They´re both from Gilbert and we all have alot in common because of it. Elder Tilley knows almost everyone that I know. He and I have been at Kaitlin Gray´s house at the same time without ever realizing it. I think he was also In Skylar Peterson´s ward. Small world.

It´s been so weird to think that my best bud Jared is now a married man. That´s so weird. It´s amazingly cool though and I´m way happy for him. I wish them the best of luck and I send my love.

Well, there are a million other things to tell you, (like how a man almost died, literally and we gave him a blessing and now he´s fine), but I´m low on time. I love you all so much and appreciate your letters and emails. Please never stop writing me :S Haha
Until next week...
Elder Mooney

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Dear family,

Wow, so that was kind of a surprise. We received our changes last night, but about 20 minutes before the phone call it started raining and the power was cut. We then received the phone call of our changes and to our surprise Elder Laney and Elder Mayberry were both changed and Elder Deviagge and I staying. What was even more of a shock though was when they told us that we would now be the only two elders in the ward. So Elder Deviagge and I live alone now... The ward is gonna flip out when they find out that there are only two missionaries in the ward and they have to cancel half of the lunch appointments now.

Elder Deviagge and I used our entire preparation day today to deep clean the house. We defrosted the freezer, scrubbed the fridge, cleaned the bathroom, etc, etc... I am actually quite sad that I didn't use any time to relax, but we have six weeks alone in our house now. We wanna keep it clean.

Weird occurrences this week. I was kissed on the neck two times this week by two distinct drunk men. In Chile its normal for men to kiss each other on the cheek or on the neck, especially amongst the gangsters. It wasn't a pleasant experience though.

I also find it kinda funny that here in Chile the gangsters think its cool to wear big flashy scarfs, whether its hot or cold. Also kite flying here is pretty popular. Yesterday we saw a big group of bone thugs in scarfs watching their two friends fly kites. I just thought how weird that would be in Arizona.

The missionary work is going well. We found a golden family last week who immediately wants to get baptized. They are so awesome that it makes me nervous. This should be a successful change though.

I love you all so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANA!! Ill be writing you a separate email. Thank you for everything.

Elder Mooney

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm just happy to be serving!

Dear family,

Yes, this week was MUCH better. Very busy and stressful, but great. Bryan and Cristian got baptized! Yay! We planned the baptism really well, informed people about it all week, assigned talks, prayers and testimonies. The best part is though, half the people bailed on us the last minute. Good thing missionaries are masters of improvisation and the baptism went smoothly as well. Best result of the baptism was that the entire family of Bryan went to the chapel and his 15 year old sister wants to get baptized as well. Yessss.....

Best announcement we received this week was on Tuesday. Remember Daniel? Boyfriend of Jacqueline? Father of her son? On Tuesday he informed us that he wants to get married now. They`re going to the court this week to set a date. How cool is that? We were speechless when he told us. He also told us that right after he wants to get baptized as well. We`re hoping that Alejandro will follow his example.

I received my wonderful, beautiful, delicious package this week. Peanut butter cookies, more cookies, reese`s pieces, reese`s cups, brownie mix, ranch mix, whole puncher, thousands of post it notes! The pension was rejoicing this entire week with all the wonderful food I received. Thank you so much Mom and Dad!

So yeah, things are going good here in Barrio Turquesa. We have a lot to do and we`re loving it. Unfortunately this is the last week before changes. I`m kinda hoping I don`t get changed, but whatever happens happens. I`m just happy to be serving.

Well I love you all so much. Thank you for everything you do for me, it really helps so much to be receiving so much love and support. I hope all is well at home, I`ll be praying for you.


Elder Mooney