Monday, January 17, 2011


Dear family,

This past week went pretty well. We have been focusing a lot on making more contacts and finding new investigators. It has been fun because we have come to know a lot of people in one of the nearby neighborhoods. We have made friends with people who do want to hear our message and with people who don't. It feels good though to be able to walk down the street and greet people with their names.

With all of this attention we placed on finding new investigators and contacting people this week we managed to find twenty new investigators. We also have two investigators with baptismal dates for the 20th of February, Susana and Ivan.

Ivan is a nineteen year old we found while knocking doors a couple of weeks ago. He seemed pretty interested, but afterwards we couldn't find him. We set an appointment with his mom, Susana, for Sunday and taught the both of them then. It turns out that they had been learning and investigating the church in 2006 but one day the missionaries never came back. So they were anxious to continue learning. It also turns out that one of the recent converts in our ward is a relative of theirs. They accepted the baptismal invitation for the 20th because this next week they are going on vacation, but plan on being back to go to church on the 6th of February. We feel pretty grateful for the work that those missionaries did five years ago with them and for the way the Lord has prepared them.

Funny story of the week. My companion Elder Grillone was messing around up stairs with Elder Mathews and wanted to show him some sort of Karate move. He was showing him how to hit someone in the face with your knee or something? Anyways, he went to do the move, jumped up in the air and BOOM! His head went straight through the ceiling. It seems that he forgot that upstairs our ceiling is very low. He left a big old hole in the ceiling and a nice little cut along his forehead. It was pretty funny. Elder Mathews about died laughing. These last few days everyone has been asking him what happened. He felt pretty stupid.

Thank you all for your emails and your prayers. I hope all is well back home. Thanks for everything.

Elder Mooney

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