Monday, January 10, 2011


Querida Familia,

So time just seems to be flying. We are already ten days into January. It is crazy how fast time can blast by. This past week has been fairly difficult, but we have had some great times.

We recieved our change calls last night. All of us are pretty new here in Pirque except Elder Mathews so we weren´t planning on being changed. Elder Mathews was pretty sure he was gone and he even packed all of his bags a day early. In the end, all four of us stayed here in Pirque. No changes at all.

This week I have felt a little better physically, but not 100%. We have been working pretty hard and have been having some bad luck with the bikes. Flat tires, bent rims, broken gears, etc. But hey, that´s life!

I recieved my Christmas package last week. So incredible. Loved it all. Thank you so much. It was pretty exciting to have gifts to open almost two weeks after Christmas. The fudge and carmellows didn´t do so well on the journey. Some mold was found on the fudge, but Elder Mathews ate nearly the whole box anyways. The Cliff Bars made it fine though. All of the gifts as well. Oh and thank you so much for the cool little bike tool. It is way fun to know how far we have gone, how many calories we have burned, and how fast we are going at all times. Next week I will try and keep all the dats to send them to you. It´s impressive how much we ride our bikes.

A highlight of the week happened when we went to visit a convert family that lives up on a steep hill area with lots of trees and plants. One thing lead to another and we got into a huge plum and peach war with the son. Luckily, us four missionaries were wearing white shirts and ties so it made every hit really stand out. Elder Grillone got the worst out of everyone though. It was pretty fun. Especially the walk home and everyone wondering why we were covered in orange.

Today we had a concilio with President Laycock and it was pretty powerful. At the end he played the short Pixar video "Boundin´" which was pretty fun. I felt like it really applied. Keeping a positive attitude is just so important.
I love you all so much. Thank you for you love, support, and your prayers. You are incredible.

Con amor,

Elder Mooney

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