Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My week!

Dear family,

Well this last week was pretty exciting. It was the last week of the change and Carlos and Maria Jesus were confirmed. It was kinda scary because the bus didn't pass and Carlos didn't show up to sacrament meeting until after the sacrament. He showed up though (in a sleeveless shirt and dress pants?) and was confirmed by the branch president. I think afterward he looked a little emotional. It was good. It was also a good Sunday because President Laycock came to our branch again and spoke in our sacrament meeting. He gave a really powerful talk about the Holy Ghost and he also talked a little about the mission. He had the five young men in church, including Carlos, stand up. Then he made them raise their hands and commit to going on a mission. Carlos did it! We are praying that he will follow through on that commitment now.

I think I told you all before that every Friday we play fútbol and basketball with investigators and members. On Friday we were playing and for some reason my team was just rocking and we won the fútbol match. Then we started playing basketball and my team managed to win each time again. (Probably not because I'm that good, but because the Chileans aren't that great ;) Unfortunately in the last five minutes I rolled my ankle really bad. It still kills when I wake up in the mornings. So now I have two bad ankles. Not fun at all.

On Saturday we went to the house of Mauricio, Cata, María Jesús, and Mariela (all recent converts) and we made cinnamon rolls with them in the evening. It was pretty fun. The cinnamon rolls actually turned out really well for being an internet recipe. They also made panqueques filled with manjar which I love. Then on our way home another member lady called us and had us pick up a big tray of creme puff pastry things. We ate pretty good this weekend.
Oh and speaking of eating good. Luis and Margarita, the people we live with, slaughtered a pig and cooked it this weekend for Luis´ birthday. I took a bunch of pictures. It was pretty disgusting to watch it all, but it was awesome eating it. It turned out really good, especially with the onion mushroom plum stuffing they made.

Oh and about changes. We all figured Elder Mathews was leaving because he had already been here for four changes. The rest of us were pretty unsure of what was going to happen. We had heard some rumors of changes and such but nobody was sure. We got the phone call and yes Elder Mathews left and the rest of us stayed. The only weird part is that I am no longer companions with Elder Grillone. I am now companions with Elder Jofre from Argentina (the other elder we live with) and Elder Grillone is with a gringo named Elder Riding from Idaho who has the same time as me. It makes everything a little strange with appointments and investigators, but we should work it all out this week.

Anyways, that is my week. Thank you so much for the letters, the love, and the concern.

Elder Mooney

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