Monday, February 28, 2011

"Al proximo nivel!"

Hello family!

This week went by pretty fast. It´s been pretty strange having a new companion, because it doesn't feel like I have a new companion. I think since I have spent so much time with Elder Jofre already that it has been an easy change. It has also been really nice having Elder Riding in our house. He is a fun kid and is really chill so there are no fights or contention in the pension. My companion Elder Jofre has seemed a lot happier and more talkative. Elder Grillone has also begun to speak spanish a lot more now that he has to guide Elder Riding around. It appears that this is going to be a good change for us!

A couple interesting stories from the week:

1) We went to the Barrales Family´s house the other day after lunch and they gave us some ice cream because they were having a big party with some friends from other wards. We talked to them for a few minutes and then started to leave. As we were leaving we noticed a large group of children in their front yard sneaking up on their brand new pet EMU named Julio. They started chasing him around the yard throwing balls at him when he started to book it and ran right out the front gate. (Luckily not our fault because the gate was open the entire time). We ran back and told Brother Barrales and the three of us ran and kinda guided him back toward the house. The Emu is really fun though. It supposedly can grow to up to six feet or so. The Barrales family is awesome.

2) We were knocking doors the other day when we came upon a castle looking house. No one came when we yelled ¡HALO! and then my companion noticed that the side gate was open. So he said "Al proximo nivel!" which is President Laycock's saying that means "to the next level." We entered the property when all of the sudden we heard a faint barking. Within a matter of seconds there were 5 or 6 large hound dogs chasing after us. I turned to see where my companion was and he was already out the gate. I hopped on my bike and booked it out of there. Afterwards we just started to laugh. It was a pretty fun experience. Just after that we found 3 new investigators.

Things are going well though. We just invited the grandma of a convert family to be baptized last night and she accepted. She will be the fourth member of the family that will have gotten baptized now.

Thank you for your support and prayers. You are the best.

Elder Mooney

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