Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Dear family,

Wow, so that was kind of a surprise. We received our changes last night, but about 20 minutes before the phone call it started raining and the power was cut. We then received the phone call of our changes and to our surprise Elder Laney and Elder Mayberry were both changed and Elder Deviagge and I staying. What was even more of a shock though was when they told us that we would now be the only two elders in the ward. So Elder Deviagge and I live alone now... The ward is gonna flip out when they find out that there are only two missionaries in the ward and they have to cancel half of the lunch appointments now.

Elder Deviagge and I used our entire preparation day today to deep clean the house. We defrosted the freezer, scrubbed the fridge, cleaned the bathroom, etc, etc... I am actually quite sad that I didn't use any time to relax, but we have six weeks alone in our house now. We wanna keep it clean.

Weird occurrences this week. I was kissed on the neck two times this week by two distinct drunk men. In Chile its normal for men to kiss each other on the cheek or on the neck, especially amongst the gangsters. It wasn't a pleasant experience though.

I also find it kinda funny that here in Chile the gangsters think its cool to wear big flashy scarfs, whether its hot or cold. Also kite flying here is pretty popular. Yesterday we saw a big group of bone thugs in scarfs watching their two friends fly kites. I just thought how weird that would be in Arizona.

The missionary work is going well. We found a golden family last week who immediately wants to get baptized. They are so awesome that it makes me nervous. This should be a successful change though.

I love you all so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANA!! Ill be writing you a separate email. Thank you for everything.

Elder Mooney

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