Monday, November 16, 2009

Me again...

I got Becky´s package last tuesday!!! It appears that it takes about 2 weeks for letters and packages to reach me. Oh and also I always get emails on mondays and packages & letters tuesdays (just so ya know). K, so let me tell you what went down last tuesday. Us Elders had forgotten to do our fast the week prior and long story short we started our fast after lunch on Preparation Day. So on tuesday we were feeling pretty hungry and thirsty right? Luckily Becky´s package came just a half hour before we were gonna end our fast. We opened that puppy up and it was filled with TONS of bags of chips, Reese´s, snickers, bread, peanut butter, jelly, rice krispie treats, etc, etc... I don´t know if you´ve all seen the movie HEAVYWEIGHTS, but there´s a scene in it when the fat kids re-take control of the camp and they´re just stuffing food in their mouths and bathing in chocolate syrup and such. Well that was basically us. Then after that, we had lunch with THE MAMACHELA (or the little old lady who´s in love with the missionaries and is in charge of organizing all of our lunches). Well she fed us a HUGE salad, a HUGE BOWL of soup, a HUGE plate of chicken, rice, and potatoes, and after all that she served us like 10 peices worth of berry manjar birthday cake. We were dying... Literally... Every time she left the room we´d colapse on the table... Then we´d force as much food as we could down. Breath. Then force more. It was awful. You can imagine how we felt the rest of the day.

Ok, well anyways, thank you so much Becky for the package. It was ridiculously awesome and I eat stuff from it everyday. (PS why did you spend so much money on me?!)

Sad thing happened the other day. I saw a dog get hit by a car :( He only got clipped, then ran off screaming. It was horrible.

Oh, so there is a spider called the Araña Rincón or something here in Chile that is extremely poisonous. The Chileans claim that every spider we see is a rincón. So could you please look it up and send me a picture of it next week? Gracias.

This whole week has been quite interesting because i accepted the invitation to hear about Elder Okleberry´s book series THE SEVEN SWORDS OF KADOSHELN. I guess he has written and self edited a series of 7 books? So every minute of spare time or walking time we have he asks, would you like me to continue? and I of course answer YES! So yeah.. This week I´ve been having some pretty wacky dreams...

Which also leads into something else I´m trying. It´s called a Dream Journal? Basically you just leave a journal and pen next to your bed and if you ever wake up in the middle of the night you just quickly write down what you were dreaming about. It works ridiculously well! (Except for the day when I dreamed i wrote in my dream journal and when i woke up there was nothing there). Anyways, I know it´s not exactly helping me to fulfill my purpose, but it´s really cool.

Alright then, back to the MIRACLE OF MACARENA story. So all was going well with Macarena until 2 days ago when her mom (Paulina, the recent convert of 2 months) hit a 12 year old boy with her car. It was late at night, the street was really narrow and he just came out of nowhere. Paulina was put in jail for the night, but was released the next day. It was devastating for her, for us, for everyone... We didn´t know what to do because we got the call after we were already supposed to be back in the pension. Well the next day we found out that the boy was put into a coma. His family doesn´t blame Paulina at all, but Paulina couldn´t stop asking why? Why couldn´t she have driven by 5 seconds later? We met with her and Macarena that day and helped her find peace and understanding of it all. We also did a group fast. The real blessing is that if this had happened to her before the missionaries came, she probably would have wanted to end her life. Now she is filled with love, hope, knowledge, and everything the gospel brings. She also had members helping her through the whole accident. She is still extremely sad about it all, but is doing fine. Macarena on the other hand started questioning if God really did exist and if so, why would he do this to her mom who was making all the right choices. After a really powerful lesson we left her to read and pray about it. As of yesterday, she still believes in God, she still wants to be baptized, and she has recieved an actual testimony of the Saviour Jesus Christ. She´s still got some obstacles to overcome, but she´s doing great. I´m just so glad these people recieved the gospel when they did.

Today was CHANGES. Elder Okleberry and Trovato are gone. Elder Blankenfeld and I are still in the same sector as companions (which I´m pretty happy about, especially since thanksgiving and christmas are in this change). We now have a latin in our pension who speaks fluent english as well. He´s gonna recieve a new companion to train tomorrow.

Well all is well. I love you all and miss you more then I can explain. Be good!

Elder Mooney

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