Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I´ve basically finished my first change!

Hello Familia y Amigos!

In the mission there are things called CHANGES. Here in the Santiago Chile Este Mission each CHANGE lasts 6 weeks. At the end of this week I will have completed my first change (cool huh?). This Sunday I will find out if I`m going to receive a new companion or a new sector. The President told Elder Blankenfeld that he is going to stay in this sector and Elder Trovato is leaving (Trovato goes home in 3 months). As for me and Okleberry, we`re not sure what`s gonna happen...? Elder Blankenfeld thinks he and I will remain companions for another change and I definitely hope he`s right. Anyways, I`ve only got 15 changes left in the mission, but who`s counting.
So last P-day we turned our Pension into a Peluqueria (barber shop) and Elder Blankenfeld cut my hair as well as Elder Trovatos and boy was it an experience. We were using an ancient maquina (hair clippers) that short out and change cutting length if you push to hard. All turned out well in the end and I finally forced my hair into a more Missionary like hair-style (i refuse to go completely to the comb-over though).
This week we`ve been eating a lot of frozen breaded chicken patties with spicy mayonesa or home-made guacamole. Elder Blankenfeld and I are guacamole chefs, no lie. We´re pretty sure we`ve eaten some raw chicken as well, which makes doing the obra missional (missionary work) a bit more difficult.
Soda here is different. There are 5 major sodas that everyone drinks here and they are PAP, BILZ, KEM, PEPSI, and COKE. Pap is orange, bilz is red, and kem is yellow. I have no idea what flavors they`re supposed to be, but they`re good!
Here on the mission I`ve been told I look like Leonardo Decaprio, Drago (the big russian guy from Rocky 4), and the guy from American Pie. People are always trying to tell me who I look like... Yesterday a lady told me I looked like her Chilean grandson and totally thought I was part Chilean? Haha my companion Elder Blankenfeld is officially THE TERMINATOR here in Chile. All the kids tell him he looks just like the Terminator, it`s great.
It`s absolutely insane hearing about Cody Smith being back and being eNgAgEd?! Haha that`s awesome though. Tell them congratulations if you ever see them! I also feel horrible hearing about Cameron. That`s so tough... I`ll definitely be praying for him. I can`t even imagine him being able to lose 26 pounds??
I´ve been tested quite a bit with the language this week. Twice this week, i was left alone with Okleberry for 3 hours. During one of those times I had to teach 3 lessons. It was terrifying at first, but once I started, it was no big deal. I totally felt like a senior comp though. The strangest part of it all is that when my comp is around I can't speak at all, but once he´s gone I can speak. GIFT OF TONGUES?
Best thing that happened this week is that THE MIRACLE OF THE MACARENA has continued. We went back to teach her again after she felt something RICO in her prayer and she had something to tell us. She said that night she offered a personal prayer in her room and her heart started pounding and she basically felt ¨a burning in the bossom.¨ We retaught her the Plan of Salvation and this time she was totally into it. She asked questions about everything and totally applied it to herself and to her father that passed away last year. We thoroughly explained baptism in the lesson and guess what.... She accepted a BAPTISMAL FECHA! (Date) This is a girl who didn`t believe in God like a week ago and now she shares her testimony with us in lessons and wants to be baptized. She still has a lot to learn and a long way to go, but she´s doing amazing. It`s just so cool to be a missionary when people want to learn and people are willing to ACT in FAITH.
I`m about out of time, so i just wanted to terminate with, I love you guys very much. You`re letters and emails this week made me REALLY happy this week. Things are difficult at times, but we just gotta keep our eyes on what`s important in this life.

Elder Mooney

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