Monday, November 23, 2009

First Baptism!

¡Hola Buenos Dias!

Warning: This letter is going to be a little shorter then normal because I have a lot less time. I was going to try and download a bunch of pictures and send them to you all, but it turns out the camera cord i have is the WRONG cord. Next week I should be able to do it though.

I received the package you all sent me! Thanks Mom, Dad, and Diana! You are all incredible, seriously. Unfortunately the bread you sent was pretty moldy by the time it got to me. Luckily one of the chocolate pumpkin whatever ones looked to be in good condition so i ate it. Elder Maruri (from Ecuador) and Elder Blankenfeld (my companion) cut off the mold from the other ones and ate it anyways. No one got sick luckily and we all enjoyed it! Thank you for the USB drive as well. Unfortunately when i plugged it in it said that Jai Ho? was the only song on the drive. I messed with it a little bit today and found all the music I´m allowed to listen to haha. Thanks so much for the package, it was really great. Oh and thank you Uncle Johnny and Aunt Ruth for the contribution to the mission as well. You two are the best.
I don´t think we´re doing anything at all to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. We´re gonna eat noodles with an investigator this thursday. Haha should be good.

This week was a wonderful week BECAUSE I had my first baptism! Elder Blankenfeld and I baptized Macarena yesterday. We were worried that she might not be able to go through with it because she was always so on the edge about everything. We prayed for her constantly and through it all she managed to quit drinking coffee, quit smoking entirely, and pass her baptismal interview. One of the big factors of it all was this really strange dream she had 2 days before her baptismal interview. After the dream, she had no doubt it was all true. How crazy is that?? The best of it all was seeing her in all white, smiling and laughing before and after the baptism. It was incredible to see the change in her. That is why we missionaries do what we do.

Well I love you all, I pray for you all the time, and I hope your doing well.

Elder Mooney

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