Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Letter # (I've lost count already...)


I'm not gonna lie... I don't have much to say about this week. The greatest thing that happened was that Chad came to the MTC. Chad and I sat together at choir and at the Tuesday night Devotional. It was so good to have someone familiar to just talk with, joke around with, and catch up with. It truly was 2 good....
So we had Elder Hinckley come speak to us this week. It was funny, he didn't really prepare much to talk about but cracked alot of jokes. He looks and sounds like his dad. It's nutzzz! I love Tuesday and Sunday night devotionals/firesides.
This friday my companion and I are teaching the 1st lesson in Spanish. It's nerve racking. English is so much more enjoyable :S My spanish is coming along farely well. I'm memorizing about 30-50 vocab words a day. It's very cool, cuz when I pray and ask for help with spanish, it comes SOOO much easier. I'm planning on holding off on spanish letters until I've been in Chile for a little while. Haha sorry

K, well things are moving along. I miss you all so much! I missed my dogs especially.... Haha

Love, Elder Mooney

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