Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello again!

Wow, it's nearly here.. In about a week and 4 days I will finally be leaving for Santiago Chile! "I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it... I'm about to lose control and I think I like it..." Sorry, it's just kinda hard to contain myself sometimes. ;)
So couple funny things, for the past few weeks I've been saying "quierro bailar" or "me gusta bailar" and doing a little jig around the class room in between study times. I look like a complete idiot, but it's enjoyable for me. The cool things is, that I now have many people in my District who join in with me! All i have to say is "?Quierre bailar?" and they start dancing around. Haha sorry i think I've been at the MTC for too long. Actually no, I take that back. I used to do the same sorts of things before my mission. Nothings changed.
It's absolutely incredible having multiple friends here at the MTC now. Chad Tialino, Christian Price, Jacob Paulsen (Jr. High! So cool!), David Urbina, and Braden Hamel, and more! Yesterday afternoon my companion and I were just strolling through the MTC when BOOM! On the left I saw Elder Tialino! BOOM! On the right I saw Elder Price! BOOM! and there I was.... Within moments we had all bowed our heads and began an epic battle of "NINJA?!" I'm proud to say that after a long battle, I came out victorious!
So Elder Sheahan and I have new roommates (I don't remember if I mentioned them last week?). Anyways, these Elders are really cool. Elder Thiebeau (pronounced T-BO, and he's not Asian) and Elder Young. The four of us usually end our nights by brushing our teeth, getting ready for bed, playing several games of ninja, and then saying our prayers. We're always obedient and have our lights out by 10:30 though, no worries... I'm not sure if Ninja is necessarily categorized as a missionary appropriate game or demonstrates "quiet dignity" but oh well?? :S
Last night Elder Afeaki and Elder Lauh'hulu (or something like that?) started teaching us the "Haka" (SP?). You know what I'm talking about though right? The Polynesian battle cry/dance. So cool. One of the Branch Presidents came by and told us to keep up the good work, then 5 minutes later another Branch President came by and told us that we needed to stop. It's interesting how everyone leads differently...
Did I mention a couple weeks ago that Elder Afeaki and Elder Ostergar in our District became the Zone leaders? Well it was a shock because Elder Afeaki is having SO MUCH trouble learning the language. They were called and it's incredible to see the change in them. It's kinda dorky but I feel like a proud parent or something. Elder Afeaki has always been the slacker guy who's really funny, but not too serious. Now he's leading the zone with power and authority. He talks like a real Zone Leader! haha and Elder Ostergar I compare to Moses. Moses wasn't a very strong speaker, but had the Lord to support him. Elder Ostergar has trouble sound powerful and professional when he speaks, but you can feel his reverence and the spirit when he does. I just think it's all so cool.
So this is my last week and a half to recieve mail! If anyone is reading this and considers themselves to be my friend, please write me! Haha i know I sound desperate, but it's kinda sad how nobody really writes :(
I'm low on time, but I just wanna say how grateful I am to be learning and growing so much in the Gospel. Seriously, I just listed off a bunch of fun things that have been going on, but really we are focused on the Gospel. Bringing the true and restored church of Jesus Christ to people around the world is such a blessing and there's nothing else I'd rather be doing. We're so lucky to understand who God really is, what we need to do to return to him, and have the authority to do so!
I love you all so much and pray for you always! Be safe and be good!

Elder Mooney

(P.S. I hope to see my cousin Taylor soon :))

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  1. Matt sounds great and I hope he sees Taylor soon also! Dropping him off today was super hard but good.