Sunday, August 30, 2009

Third letter's a charm...

Why Hello There!

So guess what???? I was exposed to Swine Flu this week... I'll explain more about that later. So this week has been a very very very cool week. Very cool, but very difficult. Let me explain to you why.

So things at the MTC have become very monotonous. Every day feels kinda the same. Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. Each day seems to take forever! But at the end of each week, we're always like, "Where did it go?" It kinda ridiculous, not gonna lie. Things were a little rough with my companion this week. So i like to compare my companion to my old seminary teacher Brother Dees. Haha they kinda talk and act very similiar to one another. It's quite humorous actually. The one thing that's driving me nuts is my companions lack of a sense of humor. He doesn't like and doesn't understand sarcasm at all. For all those who know me, know that I have come to love the art of sarcasm. He doesn't like joking around much and tends to be a little too serious. SO often there's silence between us. We've talked a little bit now though and things are getting better. I'm working on being nicer and being careful on how much I joke around and he is trying to loosen up and show his personality more. There's alot more to it, but that's all I can explain. (But don't get me wrong, he's a great guy! And also, I have been using about 1/1000 amount of sarcasm i normally do. He just doesn't like joking around).

Ok, so a few amazing things that happened this week:

1. The MTC became an extension to the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple dedication of Sunday. We got to see the Prophet and his counselors on video dedicate the Temple. Then we took part in the Hossanah shout. It was truly an incredible experience and my testimony of Temples has never been stronger.
2. On Tuesday, August 25th Elder Richard G. Scott came to the MTC and spoke at our friday night devotional! He was insanely good. He spoke about following the promptings of the Holy Ghost. He also, using the Authority of a Twelve Apostle gave a specific blessing to all of us in attendance. I felt so blessed to be there and to feel of his power and testimony. You could "warm your hands by the fire of his faith" one might say. I'll never forget that experience.
3. And oh yeah, I was exposed to Swine Flu. Supposedly they had an outbreak here months ago that we all heard about. Well 2 kids were just found to have the swine flu and then our roommate was showing the same symptoms. So they were all Quarantined (locked in a room with a desk, a bed, and a bathroom for 5 days). Since we shared a room with him we were immediately given Anti-Virus pills or something that cost about $11 a pill. They gave them to 10 of us for about 10 days each. And they've had to do that for hundreds, maybe even a thousand students. Crazy huh? But luckily, I am not sick at all!

In answer to your questions Mom, I am in the choir. We practice every Sunday and Tuesday, then perform every Tuesday Devotional. And my departure date is October 5th, so I should be here for General Conference. Unfortunately, there will be no missionary choir for conference this year. :(

Anyways, all is well. Life here at the MTC is good, but I'm not gonna lie, I am very homesick. It's very tough to be away from home and away from the people you care about. I know it's all worth it though.

K, well I gotta go, but Choose The Right! Keep The Faith! And "El Poder es Suyo!"

Elder Mooney

P.S. I've seen Braden Hamel, Nephi Nelson, Cameron Roth, Stephen Andersen, Elder Mcclelan, the triplets quite often, Sam Wright, Ben Matalae, and i think more.... Very cool!

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