Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Elder Mooney's First Email!

Hola Mi Familia y Amigos!

Wow... The first email to home is quite an intense experience. I have over a million things I'd like to say, but only enough time to say like 7 or 10 things. First off I want you to know that I love you all very much and I miss you. The MTC is amazing and I am learning more then I could have ever imagined, but there is definitely "no place like home!" MY schedule here is absolutely insane. I wake up at 6:15 and am completely scheduled and busy until 10:00 at night. Then i have a little bit of time to relax and think before LIGHTS OUT at 10:30.
Thank you guys so much for the letters you sent. You have no idea how badly I've wanted them. The first 3 days here at the MTC were so insanely long most of us Elders could barely stand it. It felt like we'd been here for weeks even though it'd only been a few days. We were told that time at the MTC and on your mission is relative, as you lose sight of yourself and focus on the Lord and serving him, TIME WILL FLY. I hope that's true because it seems like I haven't seen you forever.
Don't get me wrong though, I love it here at the MTC. Never before have I enjoyed being busy so much. My favorite part of the day is the one full hour of personal time we get to study any gospel topic we want. Studying the scriptures can be incredible if you do it the right way, I promise you that it will bless your life if you take the time to do so as well.
My companion Elder Sheahan is a great example to me. He is from Montana and has a twin brother. He's suffering from a little bit of seperation anxiety because he's never been away from his brother for so long, but he's still serving boldly!
I'm sorry I can't write more but the Lord's time is more important then my time. I love you all very much and ask you to please write me as soon as you can! Letters are the best... They are seriously 2 good... People basically compete here at the MTC to see who gets the most mail each day, so please send what you can. Well I'm out of time...

I just want to leave you with this:

I know that Jesus Christ lives and atoned for our sins. I've always believed it, but through devoted service, much studying, and sincere prayers it has been confirmed. Never before has the atonement been so real to me then it is now. I encourage all of you to seek out that same knowledge.

Elder Matthew D. Mooney

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