Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Carta Numero 2

Mi Familia....

I miss you guys sooo much. I miss home alot. BUT it's all good. I've finally become used to the schedule here. Everything just feels normal. I do miss sleeping in and being lazy though ;)
My favorite days here at the MTC are Sundays and Tuesdays. Sundays we have hours and hours of personal study time which is way nice and they have Ice Cream "Sundaes" (haha) at dinner, which is fun! But on both Tuesday night and Sunday night we get to go to Devotionals/ Firesides. We've had a couple speakers from the Second Quorum of the Seventy and a speaker from the Proselyting division of the church. His talk last Sunday was incredible. Talk about being "Spiritually Recharged!"
So the last few nights I have been sleeping very well. Fallin asleep just after 10:30 and getting up at about 6:20. The weird thing is, I've been having some InSaNeLy WeIrD dreams. The other night I had a dream that involved "The Muppets", Wild Wild West, Snowboarding, and a gang of theifs and terrorists. It was like the coolest and most random action movie I had ever seen! (or dreamed?) Haha! And last night I had like a some-what, but not really, scary dream. I was at home and we adopted a little boy and he was evil. It was like a cheezy scary movie or something. Very strange, I know.... I think my mind is having trouble not watching movies or TV so it's making up for it through dreams....?
Ok, well back to the serious stuff! I studied alot on the topic of Humility and how to recognize pride this week. It was very helpful and insightful. The scriptures are incredible at identfying every aspect of your life. It's almost unbelievable! So I'm gonna try to work on being humble, which I know I have ALOT of work to do.
I miss you guys alot and love you all very much. Please keep writing me! Letters are what make the days different one from one another. Yesterday I received a bunch of letters from you all and felt so supported. It was awesome! Well, I gotta run, but I'll definitely email again next week!

-Elder Matthew D. Mooney

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