Monday, August 9, 2010

¡Woo hoo!

Dear family,
Wow, so there is a lot to tell you and a lot of details and information to send so I´m just gonna throw it all together into this one email...

I have a new companion! His name is Elder Jacobs! He has 9 months in the mission and we are already friends because I did divisions with him his first week in the mission and it was a lot of fun. I feel blessed, and happy, and relieved.

This whole last week has been nuts with Elder Wyatt leaving and all. He had to pack up all of his stuff, say goodbye to the ward and a few other families, go sight seeing with the President and his wife, have a final interview with President Laycock, and have the goodbye night next to the temple. I, of course, was present for almost all of it. It was a blast...

It´s way cool mom that you are working on your spanish because we are going to be speaking in spanish all the time after the mission. It also makes it easier because people here that want to write you can do it easily and you can translate for everyone else. As for my spanish, I am speaking farely well. I need to improve on it a lot. Like A LOT! I want to be able to speak like a CHILENO. Someday it may just happen.

I recieved my amazing package the other night when we were at the office for Elder Wyatt´s interview. It was amazing! Thank you so much. I am sharing the candy with everyone, my companions, the chilean security guards, the jovenes, and everyone loves it. The socks from grandma are greatly appreciated! The camel story is inspiring and the camel is a little goofy but I´m diggin it. Dad´s new business cards and flyers are incredibly cool. I like them a lot. I wanna see the office now as well! But really, thank you all for everything.

This week I have a burning desire to get some work done here in JP Alessandri and we hope to find millions of people to teach. We will be relying greatly upon faith, fasting, and praying. Please keep our ward in your prayers.
I am dying to see more pictures from everyone. Please send them! I especially want to see pictures of Kelly´s africa trip as well and Sara´s wedding! That´s crazy that people get married?!

I love you all very much!
Elder Mooney
PS - Send Gilly my love and support!

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