Monday, August 9, 2010

A lot to do...

Hello loved ones,

Well this has been an interesting week. I have really come to learn a lot about the kind of missionary I am and recognize the blessings I have here in the mission. My new ward is small but strong. There are only about 60-65 active members, but there is a list of about 600 members in the ward. That makes me happy because it gives me a lot to do.

My companion has inspired me to push myself a little more. I get up just a little bit earlier now and work out a little bit harder. Haha it´s progress. We go down to the gym sometimes, because the apartment complex has equipment and a pool. We´ve been swimming a lot lately.... NOT. I also bought a bunch of stuff to make myself chocolate egg and oatmeal protein shakes. Don´t expect any drastic changes though. I just bought the stuff becuase it tastes good.

At the moment there is no progress here in the sector. There aren´t any investigators either. So in a week I will be getting a new companion and we will be getting down to business. It should be fun!

Just want you all to know that I love and miss you all. Thank you for your letters and support. You are 2 good!

Elder Mooney

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  1. We have somewhat been following this blog since the call to this mission was issued to my son a couple of months now. He leaves to Chile on Sept. 7th and I had some questions for you. I didn't know how to get in contact with you except for to leave this comment. We have loved reading these letters. If you could e-mail me your e-mail then maybe I could get in contact with you. Thanks, Our daughter is also serving right now you can view blogs if you want to know who you are speaking with.