Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Future Misioneros!

Dear Family and Friends,

Awesome! We had a baptism this week. Yesterday Cristofer Alejandro Valenzuela Cornejo was baptized. He´s thirteen years old and a really cool kid. His parents are both inactive in the church but we´ve been helping them to reactivate a lot. We´ve seen a huge change in this family just over the last 3 weeks. Really everything feels completely different in that home now. The baptism just sealed the deal.

Cristofer asked me to baptize him which turned out to be more difficult then I was expecting. The water was FREEZING cold. The hot water wouldn´t work so we just had to do without. When we first entered into the water he started making a bunch of sounds and didn´t want to go in but i pushed him into the water haha. Then as I was performing the baptism he bent his knees and right when the cold water got to his face he didn´t wanna go under and I had to push him down. Sounds bad, I know, but he was grateful because he realized he would´ve had to do it again. His parents loved the whole thing. Church, the baptism, the members. We´ve got a commitment from the whole family to stay active in the church and it feels great. That night Cristofer and I cracked up for like 10 minutes looking at the pictures before the baptism and talking about how I almost drowned him.

This week we have the baptism of Rodrigo (16) and Juan (10) coming up. They come from a huge family and the family has SO many problems. There are so many horrible rumors about that family, but Rodrigo and Juan are great. They love church. They love mutual (Juan went even though he´s not old enough). And Rodrigo even wants to go to seminarios. It´s great.
Best of all is that Cristopher, Rodrigo, and Juan all want to be missionaries someday and are already talking with the Young Men´s President so they can be on the right track.

It´s getting cold here in Chile and I´m gonna go by a hoodie to wear in the pension. Some days we don´t ever see the sun. It´s quite the opposite.

Love you all and can´t wait to talk to you in May!

Elder Mooney

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