Monday, March 8, 2010

Everything's Chill...

Hello Mis Seres Queridos,

Everything here in Santiago has seemed to calm down. Yes we have felt a few of the aftershocks, but they were just like vibrations. Water is fine. Food is fine. Mail is fine. Everything is fine. De hecho, I got my package!!!! On tuesday and opened everything. Sorry. Everyday is the same here and when we get packages we open them. I loved it though! Pudding, cookies, candy, mints, decorations, DVDs, everything. Thank you so much. You all do too much for me, really. Don`t worry though mom, we`re putting up all the decorations and everything on Saturday, Elder Tello is going to cook, and we`re buying a cake. My actual birthday is still gonna be fun.

Missionary work here has been normal. Every once in a while we find someone still freaked out about the earthquake, but for the most part everyone seems the same. Let me give you a summary of our investigators. We have Daniel (age 19) who is the boyfriend of our recently active member Jacuelyn (17). They live together and have a baby. Maribell (age17), Daniel`s brother wants to get baptized and was able to get baptized last sunday, but couldn`t because her parents want her to move back down to the south until she`s 18. We have Ramòn (55?) who is living with a less active woman Juana. He`s amazing but the two of them can`t get married because she`s still married to another man. Divorce in Chile is ridiculous. We have Elsa Riquleme (40) who is going to get baptized in June. We have to wait till June because that`s when she`s getting married to her ¨husband.¨ We just found Ines (30) and her daughter Constanza (9) the other day and they both accepted a baptismal date. She is separated from her less active husband right now. Hope it all works out. We`ve got a few more investigators with similar stories. It`s a whole different world.

My companion has been having a lot of problems lately. He has had a few surgeries here in the mission because of intestinal problems and other things. He has a LONG list of foods he cant eat. Unfortunately, he eats them anyways. He eats empanadas, lettuce, melons, beans, ketchup, etc etc... Everything he`s not supposed to and for that we have to spend an hour or 2 in the pension everyday and some days, we`re in the pension all day. I`ve tried talking to him about his eating habits and he says he`s gonna improve, but then in the night time he makes a big bowl of beans and sausages before bed. Then he wakes up to 2 fried eggs, sausages, bread, mayonesa, and ketchup. It`s a bit frustrating. Personally I`ve been eating a lot healthier. I`ve officially put myself on a diet and I`ve stuck to it for 2 weeks now. I think my companion has shown me what can happen from eating bad.

Well everything sounds crazy at home. I miss you all demasiado! You`re amazing and I appreciate you all more then you know. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that God has called a prophet in these days, Thomas S. Monson. I know that the family really can be eternal. And I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families. Oh I almost forgot, The Prophet, Elder Bednar, The Primary President, and one of the Seventy spoke to all of Chile yesterday. It was awesome! They managed to address Chile`s need perfectly. It was so powerful.

Alright, well I love you and I`ve gotta go.

Elder Mooney

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