Monday, January 18, 2010

It's all good.


Alright so this week has been good. I had/have a cold for the last 4 days, which has been pretty rough. Luckily I still have the giant bag of medicine Mom packed me when I started the mission! Thank you mom, it´s going to good use. Anyways, I've just pushed through it and kept working anyways and am feeling a lot better now.

So on Saturday night Obispo Perez nos llamar-ed (called us) and asked if 3 missionaries could give talks on Sunday because elections here messed the up the schedule. We quickly prepared the best talks we could and yeah... It was the first talk I had to give in Chile and it was a cool experience. Elder Boyce was the 1st person to speak and he spoke about the how the gospel blesses families. He struggled through the language, but delivered a good message. Next up was Elder Evans. He gave an Apostolic conference talk on the Book of Mormon that was really good, but left a lot of people sleeping. Then came YO. I gave a 10 minute talk on La Oracion (prayer). I tried to be as enthusiastic as possible so that people wouldn't fall asleep on me too. In all, it was a good sacrament meeting.

Our investigators are a little lacking this week. Problem is that people go on vacations for 2-4 weeks at a time here and we´ve lost some good investigators and a few baptismal dates because of it (Gloria, Romina, Estefanía, and Macarena). Luckily our good friend Rodrigo (age 30) is still progressing and told us that he´s positive he wants to be baptized now, he just is afraid to talk to his family about it. He lives with his parents and they're strong Catholics. It´s all good though, we´re positive, he´s positive, and it´s all gonna work out.

I miss you all so much. Sorry I didn't have any crazy stories or anything this week, I think I just am tired. Mom, in response to your questions, it´s like 95 degrees here and the Santiago Temple is awesome, but really small in comparison to others. I still haven't received the opportunity to actually attend the temple though..

Love you guys,

Elder Mooney

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