Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dead tired...

Dear Seres Queridos,

This week has been a fairly good one. I just want you to know that this email my be a little short because we played basketball and f├╣tbol as a zone today, then went home and fell asleep. Now I`m here writing emails and I`m dead tired. I don`t think we get enough exercise as missionaries...

Alejandro is still going strong. He`s preparing himself to get baptized this Sunday and I hope everything works out. Please pray for him. It seems like he wasn`t living the word of wisdom before we were teaching him, but now he`s fully committed to living it. He`s accepted all of the commandments easily. It`s amazing to see a person just change his life in only a few days. Also, Daniel, the brother of Alejandro is listening to us again and we`re gonna try to help him realize that he NEEDS to get married. He already has a kid, but doesn`t want to commit himself. I don`t really get what`s going on in his head.

My companion and I have been learning to make weird voices while walking in the street. He`s impressed with my duck voice, the shmeegle voice, and a few others, but we`re trying to develop a few new ones. Easier said then done... I know it doesn`t sound like the best thing to be doing while walking in the street, but it`s what we do to keep ourselves from getting bored or discouraged.

Things are good here though. Time goes by so fast, and yet sooooo slow in the mission. I miss you all so much and hope everything's going well. Thanks for the emails, the support, and the love.

Elder Mooney

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