Monday, February 15, 2010

New Sector

Hello Family!

So this new sector of mine is quite different. It`s HUGE. It really is a giant sector and it`s also a lot poorer then my other sector as well. There`s crazy people running all over the streets. There`s a crazy old man that`s cross-dressed like a woman his whole life who always tries to touch as as we go by. He`s really well known by everyone in the neighborhood. There`s drunk people screaming at houses, fire hydrants spraying water, and people making bonfires in the middle of the streets and cooking bread. The benefit of this area is that the people are a little more accepting. We get into more houses and teach more lessons then in the richer areas. Unfortunately nobody really has progressed after our first visit. The majority of people say that they`re going on vacations (which is highly probable, because every one in the world here goes on vacations at this time of year). It`s a little tough though.

My new apartment is great. It`s more like a house and we have a lot more space. Elder Tello is really utilizing his chef skills here in the mission and making us whatever kind of food we want. Today he made Arroz Chaufa (or fried rice). It`s chinese food, but with a Peruvian splash. It was really good and he made enough to feed 30. Elder Sean Laney from Gilbert, AZ is a pretty cool guy as well. He went to Mesquite and has about 8 more months in the mission then I do. The only people that we both know from AZ so far are Kaitlin Gray and Cody Smith. He went to elementary school with Cody. Small world.

I`ve been introduced to some cool music this week. Disney music in Spanish! The Lion King, Tarzan, and Hercules. Ricky Martin sings ¨Go the Distance¨ from Hercules? You should check the music out though.

Well I love you all so much. This has been a little bit of a rough week, but it`s all ok because I know my Savior lives. I`ve really learned to apply the Helaman 5:12 scripture into my life. ¨es sobre la roca de nuestro Redentor, el cual is Cristo, el Hijo de Dios, donde debèis establecer vuestro fundamento...¨. Basically says that we should build our foundations upon the rock of our Redeemer. With the 1400 something inactive members here in my sector I see tons and tons of people who have built their foundations upon the wrong things. If we truly have a testimony of the Savior we`ll be more accepting to his teachings. Also, if we`re truly established upon this rock we`ll never fall. When life is really hard, when someone offends us, when we`re tired, or when we get bored, we can always remember the Savior and depend upon Him to give us the strength to continue on. Love you all so much, stay strong. Keep reading your scriptures and try to share the gospel or at least share your testimonies with someone. You`re the best.

Elder Mooney

PS - Jared is getting married....? wHaT?!? Wow, I almost blew up when he told me. Strangest feeling in the whole world, but awesome!

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