Monday, December 7, 2009

Yep... That`s it.

Hello everyone,

So this week has been very interesting, not gonna lie. A lot of firsts, a lot of funny stories, and a few difficulties as well. I´ll try to inform you as much as I can.

Well first off, the other day I caught a fly out of the air with my bare hands... Impressed aren´t ya?

The other day, the mother of Camila, a girl we are going to baptize this week, was singing her own adaptation of The Beetles song ¨Let It Be.¨ She speaks no English so she just sings it how it sounds, ¨Larry P, Larry P, Larry P, Larry P....¨ She`s great. Haha but really she is awesome. She`s been concerned about us missionaries not having a fun Christmas so she invited us over to do a family night this Tuesday to help them decorate their house. Normally we probably wouldn`t, but since Camila is getting baptized and we`re gonna share a lesson, why not?!

Just wanted to let you all know that I`m eating plenty of hair here in the mission. Yes, hair. I probably find 1 or 2 hairs in my food or drink everyday. I´ve gotten used to it though. Who knows how many hairs I haven´t found and actually eaten though.

My favorite story of the week is the story of Marta Schulz. Elder Blankenfeld and I spent an entire day knocking doors and didn`t enter into a single house. It was a blast. We made a lot of contacts though and a few people told us we could pass by later in the week. One of the people we contacted was Marta Schulz. Little old lady walks outside and asks ¨what do you want?¨ We explain our message and she says ¨All of us here are atheists!¨ We tell her we still want to share with her and explain a little more and she says ok, but later on in the week. We ask her for her phone number and she says she has to go check to see what it was. Few moments later she return from the house holding a calendar and asks us, ¨what did you want again?¨ We explain that we wanted her phone number and she says, ¨why didn`t you say so?¨ She goes back inside the house and returns to us with the calendar and another piece of paper and hands them to us. So we just write our number and the date we`re gonna pass by. Couple days go by and it turns out the date we told her isn`t gonna work out so we ask the other elders to pass by. They actually teach her and tell us that it went really well. We were kinda shocked. They even set a second appointment for the next day. Here´s the best part though, they pass by the second day and Marta`s son comes to the door and explains to them that Marta has alzheimers disease and doesn`t remember a thing they`ve taught to her. Yep... That`s it.

This week I had to give my very first blessing! I was terrified.. What happened was, the 12 year old boy that Paulina hit with her car a couple weeks ago, died this week. She was pretty shaken up about it. So we asked her if she needed anything and she asked me to give her a blessing. It wasn`t very well spoken, poetic, or anything, but she was very grateful. The family of the boy is doing alright we hear. Paulina has been in contact with them and so have the bishopric of our ward. The family lives in another sector and we gave the reference to the missionaries there to offer any sort of help.

Then on Sunday we`re sitting in Sacrament Meeting with Juan and realize that Juan hadn`t picked anyone to confirm him a member of the church. We told him he could pick any of us missionaries, or the young mens president, or anyone. Guess who he picked.... Yep, me. I was tempted to decline and say that I wasn`t prepared, but I did it anyways. I felt like a fool afterward, but I´m still glad I did it. I´ve decided I really need to start working on the TU form of spanish so i can give better blessings.

Ok, well this has been a hard week. I`ve missed home alot and missed everybody, but I realize I just gotta keep working through it. Thanks for all your emails, letters, and support. Mom, Dad, Diana, Kelly, Oh and thanks Melissa, Tom, Sister Knighton, Olivia, Summer, and Hunter Howard for sending me letters recently as well! ¡Muchisimas gracias!

I love you all and miss you a lot.

Elder Mooney

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  1. He sounds good! I'm so sad the little boy died :(